I am a Textile Artist based in the Lincolnshire coast.  
I graduated from London Metropolitan university in 2016 with a degree in Textiles and then studied at University of the Arts at Chelsea completing my studies in 2019 with an MA in Textiles before moving to Lincolnshire where my practice is now based.

I work with digital and hand made processes and use simple repetitive motives and images to explore specific themes. I am drawn to explore the act of seeing as the window is a recurring theme in my work. The effects of light, textures and how this changes at different times of the day and under different circumstance, my work is time based. I choose materials carefully in order to explore perceptions about interior exterior space and how my work can be translated into three dimensional forms.

Being a fine and textile artist my work crosses boundaries in order to question the viewers appreciation of the meaning of textiles. I enjoy the versatility of working with cloth as a material and its endless possibilities that can take the work in an unknown direction, and the effects of the material and texture when translated and understood.

Since embarking on fine art training, my work has taken a different direction. I am drawn to explore audience based photography using the digital and hand and screen-prints to explore the everyday landscape through the transient object as a method of communication.

I have exhibited in the past and open to commissions both private and public.    
If you are interested in my work please contact me directly to discuss further.